Saturday, May 2, 2015

Glowing Men

This is a rough of a "glowing man", one of the cultists who degenerated too far from exposure to the toxic environment of the spaceship dungeon. One or two of these may be wandering around near the mountain and Everdark.

My idea is that they have apparently lost their minds. The should prove to be challenging, even if encountered individually. Perhaps one will retain enough of its sanity to communicate with the party...

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Plasma Rangers and Veteran Pilots

Jed Omega, legendary Veteran Pilot

Veteran Pilots

Veteran Pilots are a playable "class" or "role" who specialize in, well, flying spaceships. Yeah, that was pretty obvious. They have the unique "Pilot" skill which allows them to operate space ships as well as jets and other modes of air transport planetside. Having a Pilot in the party allows the party to travel freely within each sector of known space, no longer confined to trade or travel routes. Personal spaceships also allow the party to engage in space combat missions.

While the overall setting of the game is sandbox, there are specific encounters that advance the overall narrative, and bring the game closer to its conclusion. That is to say that the game can be won (or lost).

Plasma Rangers travel throughout
known space keepin' the peace.

Plasma Rangers

The Plasma Rangers dispense justice throughout known space in the great tradition of frontier peacekeepers. Established in the wake of the Great War, the rangers have helped to provide stability and return order to the discord sewn by the invading Glaax.